Meet our Keynote Speakers

Our lineup featured thought leaders on the forefront of transformation and the minds behind serverless' latest innovations. Get to know them here.

  • October 8

    Simon Wardley


    Leading Edge Forum
    Researcher for Leading Edge Forum
    Simon Wardley is a Researcher for Leading Edge Forum, a global research and thought leadership programme dedicated to helping large organizations reimagine their organizations and leadership for a technology-driven future. Simon is also lead practitioner for LEFs Wardley Maps Advisory service which helps client anticipate market and ecosystem developments so they know where to go and why.
  • October 9

    Donna Malayeri


    Google Cloud Platform
    Product Manager
    Donna Malayeri is a product manager on the serverless team on Google Cloud, where she works on Knative Eventing and Cloud Run. She's worked in the serverless space since 2016, and is bullish on the future of serverless. Prior to joining Google, she was the first product manager at the startup Pulumi, which creates tools for building modern cloud applications. She was also a product manager on the Azure Functions team at Microsoft, guiding the developer experience from its beta through the first year of general availability. Donna is passionate about creating products that developers love, and has worked on programming languages such as F# and Scala.